Where in the world is Tony Woods? Here, that's where

Tony Woods

Where in the world is Tony Woods? Here, that's where

By Andrew P Street

Tony WoodsIt might seem like mere months since Tony Woods was in town, and that's because it has only been mere months since he was last here. He was one of the stars of the Cracker Sydney Comedy Festival and evidently enjoyed his time here since he's back for a run at the Comedy Store. Not to suggest that he's not been busy elsewhere, mind.

"I was in Amsterdam last weekend. I'm putting together a travel show called Where in the World is Tony Woods? where I go different places and I eat their food and experience their culture," he explains. "And at the end of it I racked it up with a quick routine about the things I've seen. I mean there are travel shows, but none of them host them like Tony. I think that show would be very interesting for the people of America to see somebody of my background going all these different places and the things that I have to say about all these different places. And then I'm going to sell it. You know: push it to [US cable channels] Comedy Central or Discovery Channel or something. Hopefully they'll be like ‘Yeah! We like it, and thanks a bunch.'"

Or Animal Planet?

"Oh man, you know what I'm saying. At the moment I'm watching Animal Planet while I'm talking to you, and they're talking about the animals with the best disguises, or something like that; ones who blend into their environment."

Who's winning? Is it the stonefish? It's got to be the stonefish.

"Nah, right now, they're on some sort of a white grasshopper. He's on some sort of a white flower and he's eating some kinda bug."

Presumably the advantage of being filmed while traveling is that it makes it less likely that the notoriously mercurial comedian will mysteriously vanish...

"Yeah, I have a camera crew," Woods laughs. "And it's not that I vanish, maybe it's because sometimes I don't want to be around. I don't vanish, I just go places, you know. I mean, if it was a band, I guess I'd be the drummer. The drummer always disappears. You have the guys out front - the singer, the guitarist, the bass and the horn man – they're all out the front of the stage, so I guess I feel, 'whatever, I don't want to hang out with them.'"

His live shows have the same skin-of-the-teeth quality: Woods isn't a man who adheres to a script...

"Well, you know, that's what my comedy is. I just kind of fly by the seat of my pants because when I say, 'where in the world is Tony Woods?' sometimes it's just like 'where in the world is Tony Woods going?' So if I'm in Bulgaria for a day, I can make jokes about whatever happened that day. Whatever situation I'm in I can usually turn into something funny. I don't write nothin' and I don't really tell lies. Everything that I joke about, most of the misadventures that I joke about, actually happened. And new stuff always happens."

Tony Woods plays at the Comedy Store, 5-15 Aug.



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