Daily Telegraph - Risking Prison No Joke for Tony Woods

Risking prison no joke for comedian Tony Woods

TONY Woods fought the law. And had the last laugh.

When the stand-up comic was here for the Sydney Comedy Festival earlier this year he should have been in a US court.

"I thought, 'Should I go to the festival or show up for court?," Woods recalls.

"So, I came to Australia.

"When I got back home I had to turn myself in because there was a warrant for my arrest.

"The earlier you do it the better, so I turned myself in at 6am and I was out by 5pm. Still it was a long time to be incarcerated for traffic violations."

Woods's story doesn't end there. When he showed up for court a couple of weeks later - minus a lawyer - the judge wanted to throw him back in jail.

"I'd missed the court dates and the judge thought I thought I was above the law."

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Fortunately for him, a lawyer, who just happened to be a fan, was in the hallway and offered to represent the comedian.

The result was Woods had to pay $100 in court fees. And the lawyer picked up six clients as a result of acting on Woods' behalf.

Woods first came to Australia in 2006, when he impressed audiences with his laid-back delivery. A hit when he appeared on The Footy Show, they declared him the best act they had had. Last time he was here, an Aussie guy proposed to his girlfriend at one of Woods's shows.

Strangely, it's not the first time this has happened.

The comedian can count two other times when men have decided to pop the question while he has been on stage.

"I bring out the love in people," he says. "But this guy he was so nervous.

"You know what he said in his vows to her? He said, 'I'll never cheat on you'. You don't bring that up. You don't want to put that thought in her head."

Woods's own marital status is divorced and single.

"I met a girl recently," he says.

"I only met her one day, we were in Amsterdam, and I could have married her.

"That's crazy, isn't it?"

Tony Woods
The Comedy Store, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney; today 8.30pm, $15-$30, until Saturday, 9357 1419, comedystore.com.au

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